Bacon Ranch Potatoes

Main/Side Dishes


Ingredient Amount
1/2 cup / 125 ml Sour Cream
1 cup / 250 ml Ranch Dressing
5 to 7 cups / 1500 ml Diced potatoes with skin
1/2 cup / 125 ml Bacon bits
1/2 cup / 125 ml Parmesan Cheese
1 tbsp / 15 ml Sea Salt
4 tbsp / 60 ml Chives or sautéed onions


Deep fry diced potatoes until golden brown. Combine all ingredients except for cheddar cheese into mixing bowl and mix well. Add potatoes to mixture while still warm and cover with shredded cheddar cheese. Let stand for 3 to 5 minutes or until cheese is melted.
This potato recipe is brought to you courtesy of Jennifer Laybolt.