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Potato Blossom Festival Grower Banquet Young Farmer of the Year Award

At the 2017 Annual Potato Blossom Festival Grower Banquet, Colton Griffin was presented with the Young Farmer of the Year Award.

Colton Griffin is the son of John and Norma Jean Griffin. He grew up at their home in Montrose but enjoyed many trips to the farm and potato packing plant in Elmsdale during his early years. His parents like to tell the story about when he was only around 5 years old how he used to play with his Lego Blocks and pretend he was grading potatoes.

Colton graduated from Westisle Composite High School in 2012.

In February 2012, he started working at the potato packaging wash plant in Elmsdale. That first winter he did various jobs ranging from building boxes to operating the bagging equipment. That spring Griffin’s were short of an potato sprayer operator so his uncle Peter asked him to operate the large self-propelled JD 4920 sprayer and he agreed.

Colton attended Holland College in Charlottetown in the fall and winter of 2012-13 studying computer technology.

In the spring of 2013, Griffin’s were short of an operator to run the 6-Row potato planter and Colton quickly agreed to step into the position. After planting, Colton returned to the potato sprayer for the summer.

In the fall of 2014, Colton agreed to take on the responsibilities of Food Safety Officer due to a co-worker that was off on maternity leave. He also agreed to start training to do potato purchasing & sales under the guidance of Garth Smallman.

In the winter of 2015 Colton returned to Holland College in Alberton for 1 semester to study Business Administration.

In December 2016 Colton began a 1-year part-time farm business management program (C-TEAM program). The program includes 4 study and farm tour modules at various location across Canada.

Colton has decided to make farming his full-time pursuit. His current farming duties include operating a potato planter in the spring, operating a potato harvester in the fall and the rest of the year he can be found at the potato packaging wash plant. He has been working hard to keep the facility busy by purchasing potatoes and selling potatoes across North American.

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