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Potato Fudge  
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December 2010

Potato Fudge

2 cupsWalnuts (chopped) optional470 ml
3 tbspButter or margarine 40ml
1/3 cupHot potatoes (mashed or seived)80ml
3 squaresSemisweet chocolate3 squares
4 cupsSifted icing sugar1000ml
to tasteSaltto taste

Cook and mash potato. Hints- used leftover mashed potato and heat or microwave a large potato and mash.

Melt chocolate and butter over hot water. Add mashed potato, salt, and vanilla. Blend in sifted icing sugar (important so it is not lumpy) Knead until smooth. Put in slightly greased pan. Let cool and cut into squares.
Variations: add nuts and or flavoring such as mint.

This potato recipe is brought to you courtesy of Winnie Marshal, NL.

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What Others Say

I love this recipe the kids love it
     - babayaga

No Comments

Best fudge ever!I'm from Ottawa and everyone loves it. Thanks!
     - Lauren Clemenger

it look syummy ,i love fudge, i am making it

     - jean hume

Very Good loved it/especially at Christmas Time
     - J. Boutin

So surprisingly simple and quick!
     - Amanda Picard

The easiest fudge I ever made. No boiling and checking temperature etc. I can also make it into any shape I want. Love it.
Trick- Make sure the icing sugar is well sifted.
     - Lana Gene

I tried this twice and was not pleased with how it turned out. This is a great site, I tried many of the recipes.
     - Lindell Church

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