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Potato Peppermint Patties  
WP Griffin Recipe

Potato Peppermint Patties

1Baked potato1
1 tspPeppermint extract5 ml
1 tspMilk5 ml
2 lbsIcing sugar (approximate)907 g
1 tspButter5 ml
8 ozSemisweet chocolate (Bakers works well)225 g

Mash potato with butter and milk, making sure all the lumps are out (a potato ricer works well).
Gradually add icing sugar, mixing well after each addition.
*A hand beater can be used until the dough gets too stiff then hand kneading works better.

Form balls and flatten to form patties of desired size.
Leave these air dry overnight.

The next day, melt chocolae over hot water and dip the patties one at a time in chocolate and place on waxed or parchment paper.

Refrigerate until fully cooled.

** The amount of icing sugar can depend on the moistness of the potato.

** By changing extracts and using food coloring, other candies may be made such as Easter Eggs or Christmas Bells.

This potato recipe is brought to you courtesy of Melda Comeau.

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What Others Say

Definitely worth a try. They are delicious.

     - Joe Stiven

I have tasted these delicious mint patties made by Melda. She is very creative in her culinary arts. Thank you.
     - Ellen Donovan

Delicious recipe!!!!
     - Francine Hall

It is amazing that peppermint patties could be made out of potatoes!!! Only a genius person could think of that and try it!
     - Gabriela Villela

I have tried this candy and it is excellent. Would recommend the recipe highly-delicious and easy. Isabel.
     - Isabel MacVicar

easy to make and good to eat
     - marianne stevens

best peppermint patty I ever tasted
     - Doreen Evely

Tastes great!
     - Mary Hamm

Looks great!!
     - Chuck Stiven

This recipe is excellent. Tastes even better than the paddies one buys at the store and one knows exactly what is in them.
     - martha

This recipe is excellent. Tastes even better than the paddies one buys at the store and one knows exactly what is in them.
     - martha

Love , love, love potato peppermint patties.
     - JoAnn White

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