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Potato-Dough Donuts - 2nd Place Winner 2012  
WP Griffin Recipe
November 2012

Potato-Dough Donuts - <font color=D61602>2nd Place Winner 2012</font>

12 CupsFlour3 L
4 CupsHot (Scalded) Milk1 qt
1 tspVanilla5 ml
1 lbPowdered (Icing) Sugar0.5 kg
1/2 CupButter125 ml
1 CupLukewarm water250 ml
1 TbspSalt15 ml
3 pkgsDry yeast3 pkgs
2 CupsMashed Potatoes (no milk added)500 ml
1 TbspMargarine15 ml
1/2 CupMargarine125 ml
1 CupSugar250 ml
6 CupsFlour1500 ml
2Eggs (beaten)2
3 TbspMilk45 ml

This recipe will make about 100 donuts.

Dissolve yeast in luke warm water.
Mix in a large bowl the following:
hot milk, mashed potatoes, butter, margarine, sugar
Let cool to lukewarm, then add the yeast mixture and 6 cups of flour. Let stand until mixture foams up (~20 min.)
Add eggs, salt and 11-12 Cups of flour
Knead dough until soft, and not sticky (a little more flour may be needed) Let raise in a warm place until about doubled in size.

Roll out dough, cut donuts, place on trays until not quite double. Fry in hot shortening (375 F) When drained and while still hot, dip in glaze mixture. Insert a stick through the holes and let a number of donuts drain over glaze bowl until next ones are ready to go.

To make glaze, mix the powdered sugar, 1Tbsp margarine, 1 tsp vanilla and enough milk to make a thin icing.

This potato recipe is brought to you courtesy of Corry Gaudet.

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What Others Say

I tried this but it didn't work out for me found my yeast was no good.I'm sure this would have been good.
     - Patti

Great recipe - donuts are amazing!!
     - T Blanchard

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