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W.P. Griffin Inc. - P.E.I. Potatoes
Newtec Optical Grader
W.P. Griffin Inc. - P.E.I. Potatoes
Hagan Sizer
W.P. Griffin Inc. - P.E.I. Potatoes
Our Product

W.P. Griffin Inc. prides itself on being a national leader in marketing healthy, easy-to-prepare, fresh potato meal choices.

In 2004-2005, the washing and packaging facility was expanded to integrate state-of-the art technology. This allowed us to accommodate our growing demands for traditional and specialty products.

In December 2005, the first optical grader in North America was installed. This technology brings visual imaging to the grading process, allowing for specific variety and size requirements. The optical grader was fundamental in the expansion of the specialty line to meet consumer demands.

As the first packer in Canada to launch the Microwave Ready Tray Packs and Microwave Singles, we continue to expand our line of specialty products. Spice packs are now included with some specialized tray packs for a quick and easy meal solution in addition to various styles of foil wrapped potatoes that are ready to barbeque or bake.

In October 2006, a new Volm 8000 bagger was installed, allowing us to package product in smaller units, as seen in our Mini and Small Gourmet Potatoes. In addition to this, the bagger gives us the capability of attaching convenient recipe tags on some of our products.

W.P. Griffin Inc. is committed to producing high quality and safe products for our customers. An internal Quality Assurance Program has been implemented in addition to conducting annual audits, ensuring that our food safety is of the highest calibre. We are also the first potato packer on Prince Edward Island to implement a full forward and backward lot-traceability system which enables us to track all products from the field to your plate.

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